Valuart To Auction ‘Spike’ NFT By Banksy As Platform’s First Digital Original Goes Live


Valuart dropped the first ‘digital original’ NFT from a series of NFTs today. ‘Spike’ by Banksy is a 1:1 NFT featuring exclusive CGI artwork accompanied by an aria performed by Vittorio Grigòlo.


Fresh ‘Digital Original’ NFTs Set For A Series Of Auctions

Valuart, an all-in-one platform for NFTs, dropped the first NFT from its lineup of some of the most famous artworks ever created. ‘Spike,’ based on the original artwork of the same name, is now live for auction as 1:1 NFT. To commemorate the first NFT drop, the platform has announced that 50% of proceeds from this sale will be donated.

Infamous street artist Banksy was the creator behind the original ‘Spike’ artwork owned by Vittorio Grigòlo, the Co-Founder of Valuart and a renowned tenor. The digital version of the original artwork consists of CGI artwork and an aria performed by Vittorio. The CGI artwork includes a storyline wherein ‘Spike’ drifts slowly across space as it makes its way to Earth, finally emerging as a newly minted NFT.

Vittorio Grigòlo, Co-founder of Valuart, noted, “I’m very excited about this new project. After months of hard work we can finally share with everyone what we created. I’m convinced that this is the future of how we perceive, admire and give value to art and artists. This first drop is just a stepping stone that will pave the way towards a very exciting future! We wanted to support the NFT revolution by creating a platform that would represent the safe haven for artists and their art, art collectors and art lovers in general.”

Valuart To Auction

Image source: Valuart.

Following the first drop, Valuart plans to digitize some of the most famous artworks ever created in collaboration with leading artists, celebrities, institutions, and art foundations. The platform will unveil a series of ‘Enhanced NFTs’ in the coming month, including a drop on October 22nd of the ‘Mantum and the Stole’ created by Stefano Zanella and worn by Pope John Paul II on December 24, 1999, during the opening of the Holy Door of the Vatican Basilica.

An All-In-One Platform For Art NFTs

The Valuart ecosystem is dedicated to curating iconic artwork and enhancing them through digitization. This involves validating each work using blockchain and NFT technology, adding more value to the ‘digital clone’ by incorporating select artistic crossovers, designing the storyline for these ‘Enhanced NFTs,’ and eventually selling pieces through the auction platform.

Valuart positions itself as a fully integrated solution for artists and as a marketplace for art enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and investors. From validating the physical artwork, handling media outreach, and overseeing transactions, Valuart’s platform will manage every aspect of the process, helping artists derive a larger share of the value from their work.

By building a backlog of collaborations with artists, art foundations, and art enthusiasts, Valuart streamlines art commercialization. The platform authenticates the physical artwork and then enables high-end artistic crossover by introducing the NFT component, granting artists an alternative revenue stream to pursue.

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