USDT-TRON Or JPM/FB Coins, Which Will Be More Popular?

Recently, coindesk Published an article which explains the basic objective and the benefit of JP Morgan’s  stablecoin.

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The banking and blockchain industry was set alight with the announcement of JP Morgan’s stablecoin. This move at the same time excited the banking and enterprise blockchain community as well as those in the cryptocurrency world.

JP Morgan’s stablecoin aims to solve two problems in financial markets – the inefficient expensive process of settlement and the unreliablity involved in holding money in cryptocurrency.

In response to this, CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, replied to the article published by Coindesk.

Unpopular opinion: JPM/FB coins. In a decentralized world, anyone can do as they please (within limits, so long as they don’t hurt others). The more people adopt #crypto, the better. Adoption is #adoption.  Welcome!How well will they do? Well, let’s wait and see.

Tron Founder, Justin Sun Retweeted with a comment questioning which one will be more popular? USDT-TRON or JPM/FB coins

In response to this, many crypto analysts commented. No doubt, many responses were in favour of TRON.

Which one will you choose? TRON or JPM coin? Share your thoughts with us on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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