Are You Aware Of These Unique Features About Tippin On Twitter?

You can now use Tippin to send Bitcoin tips to all the Bitcoin users through Lightning Network which is quite easy as well as super fast.

What is Tippin?

Tippin is a kind of Firefox and Chrome extension which allows tipping on Twitter just by adding a tip button on every tweet. Basically, all tips are made using Bitcoin through the lightning network. This new feature will not only enhance the Twitter experience but also provides a large number of scenarios.

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Tippin is Sergio Abril’s personal project which is yet in the development phase but is already functional. This tool was launched in January and gained quite a good response. Initially, the platform gained fame as a platform for Lightning Torch transaction relay gaining Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey’s attention.

On experiencing this tool Jack had to say this,

How Can The User Receive Tips?

The user who is willing to receive tips needs to login through the web-app with the user’s twitter account. Later on a custodial wallet to receive and manage Bitcoins through Lightning Network will be generated. Moving further, the user can use the web button that generates the tippin for user.

How Can The User Tip?

In case the user needs to tip someone, he needs to use the Lightning Network. To use a Lightning Network, he needs to have a Lightning Wallet. Once the user downloads the wallet and deposits bitcoin in it, all he needs to do is create channels to make transactions.

Later he needs to open a direct channel with Immediately, after that, he needs to press “create a channel with us”. Finally, scan the QR code in the app and the user can tip whoever he wants.  

The actual idea was all about Dorsey’s participation in the relay. Later on the CEO hinted in a podcast with the Lightning Labs CEO, Elizabeth Stark, that the technology would be coming to his other ventures in future. During this time he said,

We would love to make [Bitcoin] as fast and efficient and transactional as possible, and that includes looking at our seller base and register. It’s not an ‘if;’ it’s more of a ‘when’ – how do we make sure that we’re getting the speed that we need and the efficiency?

For the betterment of this feature the developers have also promised that

Not only the Twitter experience completely changes but it also open limitless future scenarios.

Hope you got a clear idea on using the Tippin feature on Twitter! For more such updates subscribe to our Newsletter.

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