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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]


    Corporate Space Flight is a new industry whose goal is to make the life-changing adventure of space flight accessible to the general public. 

    A mission that was previously only possible to the globe’s top skilled astronomers after decades of rigorous instruction is now open to everyone who can buy tickets. 

    Virgin Galactic was one of the first organizations to promote space travel as a tourist attraction, and the response has indeed proved overwhelming. 

    They now have almost 700 bookings, with earliest flights scheduled for 2023. However, a lottery visit for a 90-minute space voyage starts  at $450,000 – a sum that excludes 99.9% of the world from taking these voyages.

    The difficulties do not really end here. Queueing periods can be months long since only a few tickets are accessible on a restricted set of spacecraft. Furthermore, travelers must complete basic astronaut education, the majority of enterprises are situated in the United States and service English-speaking customers, and corporations have the option to choose who may and may not go. Clearly, the entrance hurdles remain considerable.

    The Space Coin Project aims to address some of these issues by introducing decentralization and reasonable charging, allowing ordinary consumers to obtain or win tickets to see the splendor of the inky black heavens we name space.

    What is the Space Coin Project?

    Space Coin Project was founded on the idea of creating a decentralized system that allows anybody in the world to purchase reservations to seats on the ship; Space Coin Project aims to establish a balanced and equal treatment for the expense of a journey to space, and to make space travel accessible to all. A trip to space costs roughly half a million dollars each ticket, which implies that practically anyone in the world will be unable to take advantage of this chance.

    What sets the Space Coin Project apart from others?

    With space travel businesses reserving seats for powerful persons, access to American/English speaking facilities and a place on the spacecraft gets difficult for anyone without the necessary contacts. The Space Coin Project addresses this issue by establishing a social movement with a decentralized organization at its heart to serve the global audience of spatial lovers and win the interest and acknowledgment of the companies who operate such excursions. Space Coin Project, as a leading concierge service, ensures your convenience irrespective of wherever you are in the globe!

    The Space Coin Project is developing a concierge service that will allow people to affordably pay and go to spaceflight. As space flight is becoming relatively widespread, the number of firms provided by different companies may grow, but the pricing, as well as the care rendered, will vary substantially. Individuals can exchange the tokens for the tickets of their choosing as part of the Space Coin Project’s procedure. The Space Coin Project Concierge will provide you with personalized perks as part of your transaction. Customers may now evaluate firms and other offerings side by side and tailor overall journeys to personal preferences.

    Space DAO

    The SpaceDAO is already in command of burning tokens in a reasonable manner in order to get funding in order to buy tickets for diverse space missions. Whenever a customer buys a Space travel with SPJ, they must submit tokens to a smart contract in the amount of the space flight ticket. After that, the tokens are burnt, causing the SpaceDAO to remove liquidity out of contract.

    Individuals who possess SPJ have the rights to engage in SpaceDAO and voting on crucial projects, such as further modifications to the winner pick and liquidation procedure. Perhaps the main crucial aspect of the SpaceDAO is calculating how many tokens a client will have to exchange on a journey to space.

    Space Coin Project Tokenomics(SPJ)

    The initial supply of SPJ is 5 Billion, and the token will be first available on fair launch on token offering on SushiSwap. Nearly 2 billion of SPJ token are in circulation which is equal to 

    10,000,000 USD. If you want to purchase SPJ tokens, you can find them on 3 most popular exchanges like PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, and SpookySwap. You need to connect your wallet like Metamaskor any trustable wallet of your choice and start your journey to space. Currently, the Space Coin Project supports swapping between SPJ and ETH.

    Token NameSpace Coin Project.
    Token TickerSPJ
    TypeERC-20 Token
    Initial Supply5 Billion.
    Fair launch on Sushiswap1 Billion
    Staking rewards1 Billion
    Public sale price$0.000016 USD =>0.0000000053 ETH

    How do holders of SPJ earn?

    In the Space Coin Project ecosystem, SPJ is a utility token. It’s the main way to communicate with the web3’s burgeoning decentralized space travel club.

    • Staking will be accessible as soon as SPJ is released. SPJ may be staked in order to get additional SPJ! This is a new approach enabling initial customers that trust the project to be ready to buy a spaceship trip in the future, even if you just do not have the cash immediately present.
    • Voting : When SPJ is released, you’ll be eligible to vote right away. Receiving a stake in the pool serves as a proof-of-lock, granting you the opportunity to vote in the Space DAO. Freezing tokens benefits the entire community by demonstrating to companies willing to participate with the Space Coin Project that the community is dedicated to its achievement. The core Space Coin Project team and community leaders will offer topics  for voting to assist steer the project’s evolution in a free and transparent manner.

    Travel With SPJ

    The Space Coin Project is a game – based and unique system which allows regular individuals to win a journey to space just by possessing a token. There will be competitions and chances to earn a trip to space for everyone with just one SPJ. Building partnerships with space travel businesses and enrolling their participation in these competitions is an important aspect of this mission. SpaceDAO aims to bring together all the centralized and decentralized space fan groups in a never-before-seen fashion.

    What Does the Future Hold for the Space Coin Project?

    The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is the commercial spaceflight industry’s primary voice. CSF and its 85+ members, who were founded in 2006, are creating the groundwork for a long-term space economy and democratizing access to space for scientists, students, citizens, and corporations. SpaceDAO and the Space Coin Project want to collaborate with organizations like the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. Through the promotion of web3 technology, SpaceDAO hopes to inspire the next generation of engineers and explorers on Earth.

    What you are waiting for Join this fantastic journey of space now – Space Coin Project.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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