UN to partner with blockchain pilot aims to help child trafficking

The World Identity Network (WIN) is partnering with UN to launch a blockchain pilot that aims to help child trafficking. However, for the first time, the project is announced in the Humanitarian Blockchain Summit on Nov 10, 2017, in NY. Thus, the project is titled as “Blockchain For Humanity”.

According to UN source, around half the world children under age 5 do not hold a birth certificate. Since exceeding 600 million children under age of 14 majorly live in the poorest countries. As these children are invisible to governments as well as those who deliver social programs.

The stored digital blockchain identities provide prominently high chances of catching traffickers. And also secures data in a ledger that makes attempts more avertible and perceptible.

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In regards with this approach, Co-founder, and CEO of WIN, Dr. Mariana Dahan says,

“Invisible children are children at risk, pointing to the numerous dangers faced by undocumented children and minors. Several developing countries are actively looking at more efficient ways to prevent child trafficking. Identification is always at the heart of the solution”.

Moreover, children without document and underage are easy victims for human traffickers. Often, with fake identity documentation, they use to transport them across borders. However, there minors and children are forced to participate in illicit activities involving illegal human organ trade, sex trade, and others.

UN Assistant Secretary-General and UN Women Deputy Executive Director said:

“Child trafficking is one of the greatest human rights abuses. Leveraging blockchain technology offers potentially powerful solutions to address this serious challenge and save the lives of millions of children”.

In the process to fasten the pilot, the partnership seeks more collaboration with private companies, civil society, NGOs. With this intentions, the partners are launching a Global Challenge that enables best ideas and opinions of blockchain experts for humanitarian purposes.

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