Renowned Crypto Analyst Luke Martin Gets Suspended On Twitter, Who’s Next?


Twitter has reportedly suspended the Twitter handle of popular crypto analyst and trader, Luke Martin. As it stands at the moment, the account is suspected to have been suspended for more than 12 hours.

Twitter Suspends Crypto Analyst

A similar event occurred last week when the twitter handle of another renowned crypto frontier, Anthony Pompliano, more commonly known as Pomp was suspended. This, however, would have resulted from his heated argument on the platform with popular economist and gold evangelist, Peter Schiff.

As these events continue to gain scale, the question of whether there’s a list of those to be restricted in the coming days or who next remains valid.

Mati Greenspan Alerts The Community

This news comes following a tweet from the popular crypto trader and former etoro analyst, Mati Greenspan. Greenspan, in his tweet earlier today, asked to confirm if anyone had heard from Martin lately as his twitter account appeared restricted.

A further look in Martin’s wall suggests that he probably had not been online in the last 24 hours. His oldest tweet, according to the study of his recent tweets, was the one he tweeted about 24 hours ago.

Twitter Enacts Discipline And Security

Twitter is known to enact discipline against spamming, racism, gender discrimination, war, and the likes. However, suspending the accounts of crypto twitter gentries is kind of new in the space.

the LA times reports that on Friday, Twitter suspended some 70-odd accounts for breaking its rules against “against platform manipulation and spam.”

According to Twitter, this wasn’t just a ban impacting some full-on bots, but it wiped out accounts sending out identical pro-Bloomberg messages. One shown in the tweet read,

“A President Is Born: Barbra Streisand sings Mike’s praises. Check out her tweet.”

While some bans could be permanent, other accounts could be restored if the account holder verifies they still have control. According to the LAT, many of the accounts they looked at had only been created in the last few months.

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