Twitter Locks Elon Musk’s Account Thinking It’s Been Hacked

Tesla Chief executive Elon Musk revealed that Twitter temporarily locked his account fearing it was hacked.

In a Tweet earlier today, Elon Musk said twitter thought his account got hacked and locked it. Elon Musk shared some usual post forcing twitter to think its an imposter. Twitter went into action and locked away Elon Musk’s account to avoid further damages to his massive followers.

Twitter Locks Elon Musk’s Account

Musk’s Twitter account is among the highest rated profiles on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers. Just like the US president Donald Trump, Elon Musk frequently uses the twitter to post updates on his many companies. His post is presumed by many as both inspiring and informing. He intermingled vital updates about his businesses with random muses and personal reflections.

Twitter locked the account following a post by Elon Musk of Manga images where he asked if users wanted to buy Bitcoin. In the twitter post, however, Elon Musk did not clarify the reason or the duration for which his account was locked. The posts on the account today were basically unusual. In one post he cited his love for animated characters stating that he owns a chibi Wolverine.

Currently, Tesla is working on major projects that could shift not only the company’s futures but also the stock market. Twitter keeps a keep observation of accounts with a lot of public interest such as that of Elon Musk and the US President. A single post could cause the financial market to crash or stir a full-scale war with another country.

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Elon Musk Twitter

Previous Twitter Incidence

It is a publicly known nature of the billionaire to engage his followers about his actions on Twitter. Occasionally users would comment to actions and he would reply back. Before this mornings incidence, Musk announces that the hyperloop ultra high-speed transport system will unveil in Los Angeles. He states that the new transport system would be live in early December with free test rides to the general public.

He continues stating that the first tunnel is almost there and will open on December 10. There are many other inventions Elon Musk’s Companies are spearheading. Given the nature of his companies, where the general public has a share capital, it is vital to protect what appears on his social media page. Millions of people across the United States invested millions of dollars in some of his projects.

In August Musk tweeted that he was thinking about taking Tesla Private a news which stirred up social media. The U.S Securities and exchange commision later penalized Musk for misleading the general public. This resulted in one of the most expensive tweets of all time. In the settlement, a US judge asks Musk to pay $20 million and another additional $20 million by Tesla.

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