Twitter CEO to Fund Research on Decentralized Standards

Jack Dorsey is assembling a team to build a decentralized protocol for social media. The team BlueSky is charged to develop these standards

Twitter CEO is on a mission to decentralize the web. In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Jack Dorsey put forth his view of revolutionizing social media, starting with Twitter itself. 

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Jack has proposed a team of 5 members including architects, engineers who will develop this decentralized system. Twitter’s CTO Parag Agrawal will be leading the team, which will be called Bluesky. The team termed as BlueSky is part of the company’s broader push to “support and foster the values of free and open internet.” The goal is that one day Twitter will become a “client” of the network, though it’s likely the standard will take several years to develop, Dorsey said.

Twitter wants to be “Client” of the Network?

The one question, following all the tweets, one may get is what is the need for this decentralized standard. Jack has given out his reasons for doing so. As per one of his tweets, he highlighted the issues current centralized social media is facing. Today’s version of internet Web2.0 has become a means of spreading misleading information and a way to stir controversy. With no way to counter these claims, the public tends to believe what is fed to them. Take the MATIC Network instance to understand the issue. 

Dorsey believes that decentralization and blockchain will be a solution to curb these global issues. His other project Square Crypto does the same with Bitcoin. Now, he has turned his focus to Twitter with his futuristic plans.

TechDirt Founder Mike Masnick had put forth a proposal titled “Protocols, Not Platforms” which had Jack thinking about these decentralized standards. 

Views of the General Public

Dorsey’s vision found great support among the crypto world. Bitcoin supporter Anthony Pomp applauded the vision. 

Dorsey’s vision has paved a way for many startups with unique ideas supporting the decentralized protocol. Many tweets point out the same.  

However, some were in line to compare the vision with already online third-party apps like codemonkeyz, mastodon project and so on. 

Is the idea far-fetched?

To be fair, Square Crypto had a similarly ambitious model when it was first announced by Dorsey in March, promptly filling only the technical positions mentioned in subsequent tweets. However, reports claim otherwise. 

Although the vision is a relief for the Crypto industry, the culmination of it is what should meet the expectations. Only time will tell how successful it is gonna be. 

What do you think about this new Twitter? Will Jack Dorsey’s Vision see the light? Let us know your views on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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