Trust Wallet Is Looking Forward To Advance Blockchain! But How?

Trust Wallet is the official mobile wallet owned by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange which plans to join the FIO aka Foundation for Interwallet Operability.

The Trust Wallet is the latest crypto wallet that will be joining the Foundation for Interwallet Operability which is also familiar as FIO Protocol.

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This is a new interwallet operability protocol which eliminates the complexity, risk, and inconvenience related to moving tokens and coins. This wallet has already joined the bandwagon with the following platforms to reinforce the overall growth of the blockchain industry.

Moreover, they are now focusing on how to solve the usability problems. This is the fundamental requirement for cryptocurrency adoption.

  • io
  • KeepKey
  • Coinomi
  • MyCrypto
  • com
  • Edge
  • Mycelium

Collaborating with these popular and prominent players, the FIO Protocol believes to transform the usability of cryptocurrency payment processors, exchanges, and wallets with a decentralized, self-sovereign, open-source blockchain protocol.

The researchers suggest that this might further offer usability features, along with an enhanced layer of connectivity. This would make up crypto payments on any blockchain more easier to use as a mainstream service including PayPal, Venmo which may lead to overall adoption.

Meanwhile, the FIO Protocol will be able to create the initial wallet addresses that would be human-readable. Also, instantly running across every token/coin. Further, it can also let enhanced workflows to send a payment request right from one wallet to the second with confirmation. Or can also decline to the request virtually without any errors.

It will be blockchain that is said to sit together with the other chain, ultimately allowing a long list of usability facets:

  • Easing refunds
  • Enabling subscription payment models
  • Safe routing of multi-signature requests

According to the founder and CEO at Dapix, basically a firm leading FIO protocol, David Gold:

This year will welcome interoperability to enables blockchain and cryptocurrencies fulfill their promise as a way to exchange value in commerce and utility. We’re delighted to welcome Binance’s Trust Wallet to the Foundation; their experience and expertise will be invaluable to the consortia who believe removing the risk, complexity, and inconvenience of sending and receiving crypto assets, will be the catalyst for them fulfilling their full potential.

According to the founder and CEO at Trust Wallet, Viktor Radchenko this time it’s an incredible chance for Trust Wallet to monitor the cross wallet usability problems. These are the ones which are holding the industry back from mainstream adoption. Moreover, they are happy to align with FIO who now shares a similar vision to the same as Trust Wallet.

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