TronWallet Play available for Desktop with Ledger Integration

TronWallet Play, the desktop version of TronWallet is ready to be released as stated in the official announcement. With the popularity of TronWallet, native mobile App for Mobile Wallets, the company were seeking new opportunities to introduce it for the desktop too. 

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After starting a beta program 3 weeks back. The desktop version comes the same great design, ease of use, and high-performance experience of TronWallet mobile Apps along with Ledger integration. 

Users now have even more options to manage TRON tokens, use DApps, trade tokens on the most advanced and built-in Decentralized Exchange (DEx). One can also manage tokens and sign transactions on the Ledger hardware wallets.

This desktop app is compatible with Ledger Nano S, Ledger Blue. You can download the app on your desktop, connect the Ledger Live with the app manager and Ledger integration is good to be used.

The supported platforms are-

  1. Apple macOS
  2. Linux
  3. Windows

Once the Wallet is installed and integrated with the Ledger, Users can create/retrieve their wallets in this app. In both options, 

TronWallet Features:

  • TronWallet is a decentralized P2P crypto wallet for TRON. 
  • 12-word seed to create and restore current mobile wallets
  • 24-word seed — import Ledger wallets
  • Military-grade key encryption on the user’s desktop: transactions signed on your desktop assure private keys never leave your desktop: as safe as it gets.
  • Send, Receive TRON tokens
  • Freeze for Bandwidth and Energy
  • Vote for your favorite Super Representative

TronWallet is officially supported by TRON Foundation through TRON Accelerator and is a recommended wallet.

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