TRON Foundation Receives A Verification With A Blue Badge On Facebook

The TRON Foundation negotiates with Facebook to avoid the Tron scams which was witnessed during 2018.

During the year 2018, many of the TRX holders were victims to Facebook scammers. As it was seen that these scammers were using fake TRON foundation accounts to hoodwink the Facebook users.

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Eventually this resulted in TRON working with Facebook to provide all its users with trust and perfect authentication to their accounts. TRON Foundation advised all its users on Medium saying that

Please do not send any money to anyone posing as TRON or justinsuntron, and always look for the blue verification check mark on all of Justin’s and TRON Foundation’s posts and comments. Thank you!

To keep all the TRX holders safe from potential scams, TRON posted a tweet.

Facebook was quite anti-cryptocurrency a while back. Along with this decision of providing a verified account to TRON foundation and acquiring Chainspace, their interest towards cryptocurrency was clearly visible.

Although, this may be a startup but this shows its big step towards its adoption of cryptocurrency in their industry. Eventually, Zuckerberg wants learn more and more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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