Tron Featured in Zebpay India’s Leading Crypto Exchange Platform.

Zebpay, one of leading exchange platform of India has announced to list Tron on their platform. Zebpay has announced the list of new coin yesterday on Twitter. They disclosed this news through a riddle that was created a lot of buzz in the Indian crypto-market. Many of Indian Crypto enthusiasts were awaiting Tron in the rhyme of the riddle.

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Zebpay crypto exchange

The users of Zebpay can start purchasing, selling and trading Tron from 27th April 2018. The platform charges lowest trading fees of 0.01% for Tron [TRN] transactions.

The announcement featured by Zebpay regarding the list of a new coin on Twitter states:

“Zebpay will be introducing a new coin tomorrow, 26th April. Can you guess which one? We’ll give you a hint: Mujhko pehchaanlo me hu _____?

Further, the tweet was illustrated by Sam as follows:

“TRON cz it rhymes with DON And cz 11 mulko ke haters pare h TRON ke piche”

Trolling comments

Further Zebpay was trolled by various other countries as follows

  • “Another Scam coin, poor Indian’s,” says On Chill.

  • “Zebpay traders are going to break 800 satoshis while we have spent a good time holding the current level.” Writes Cryptoburnt

  • “Wow Avengers: Infinity War releasing on 27th April AND TRON (Avengers: Age of ulTRON) releasing on 27th April”, praises a Financial Accountant HarshKumar Bardia a Financial Accountant

  • “TRX listing on Indian crypto shop Zebpay, good news for Indian traders who’re interested in trx as it may arise because it’s owned blockchain launch by 30th May. Just make sure that buy the rumors and sell the news slogan” comments Crypto Consultant of Blockchain.

Tron’s journey

Tron is listed on the five exchange platform within three days such as Einstien, WazerX, Bittrex, Coinbene and finally Zebpay. Bestowing to CoinMarketCap, Tron [TRX] is trading at $0.069 with a market cap of $4 billion and has been a significant dive of more than 7% from the past 24 hours.

Zebpay added Tron despite a lot of squabbles over India’s support on Cryptocurrencies. The Reserve Bank of India declared that all the banks functioning under RBI will no longer support any businesses or firm trading with cryptocurrencies.

Overall, it is a long way to create the good impact in cryptocurrencies India. Let’s see blooming future for cryptocurrencies in India. Zebpay has taken a great initiative to add Tron on its platform and we wish good luck for the same.

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