Tron’s Defi Protocol Expected To Outperform Ethereum’s Uniswap Very Soon


    Tron’s just swap to address Ethereum’s high gas fee issue and probably displace ETH DeFi protocol Uniswap

    The native token TRX is expected to surge above $1 levels, possibly touch $5 also in coming days

TRX to Jump to New Levels

Tron price is expected to surge to heights in the near future. Considering the short term, TRX is expected to touch $0.04 levels very soon. However, it is expected to maintain the support levels above $0.3 to achieve its target.


Justin Sun, the brain behind Tron, recently tweeted that nearly 6.6 billion TRX worth of $210 million is being locked up to mine SUN tokens. 

Additionally, TRON and 1 inch partnered to integrate Justswap and Moonswap. This integration could be a very tough competition for the Ethereum’s Uniswap protocol.

TRX’s Justswap Could Outperform ETH’s Uniswap

Ethereum’s DeFi protocol Uniswap’s high gas fees had outspread over the crypto space over time. In fact, the gas fees had attained the highest level during the DeFi booming recently. Therefore, TRX’s DeFi protocol is expected to offer competitive fees which may be lower than the current ETH gas fees.

 The lower gas fees may attract the masses to take a shift over the Tron’s protocol. And hence Uniswap which recently experienced a liquidity drain by Sushiswap might further expect the same with Tron too.

Collectively ETH high gas fees are the talk of the town. And the protocol that could provide a solution to this issue might be the performer in the DeFi space. However, Ethereum has announced ETH 2.0 to fight the gas fee issue, but the launch is still behind the clouds. 

Moreover, the TRX surge is also seen in the coming days. And if the mass adoption of the Justswap protocol successfully occurs, it could add up to the TRX price jump.

Do you think TRX price would reach $1? Tag us with your response.

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