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Tron Breaks Two Major Records in the Last 24 Hours

The cryptocurrency Tron broke two records in just one day. The Tron ecosystem recorded 2.53 million transactions per day and a daily growth rate of about 32,284 addresses a day. All the data was recorded during the last 14 days.

Tron Breaks Major Records

This morning Justin Sun founder of Tron foundation took to twitter sharing the Amazement Tron achieved after breaking two solid records. Sun explained that Tron managed to achieve an increase in daily transaction volume of up to 2.53 million transactions a day. He also revealed that the rate at which new addresses signed up for the crypto is estimated at 32,284 new addresses every day.

Sun further boosted that a lot more developers are leaving EOS and Ethereum and migrating to Tron (TRX). He believes that this massive migration would help build the Tron ecosystem stronger and encourage wide usages. Tron currently trades for $0.013091 USD and 0.00000396 BTCrespectively.

The cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of $867,268,103 USD equated to 262,401 BTC. The 24-hour volume of Tron was $75,651,104 USD or 22,889 BTC and has a circulating supply of 66,247,965,856 TRX. Tron has a supply cap of 99,219,141,807 TRX tokens. According to its website, Tron is an ambitious project dedicates to building the infrastructure for a decentralized internet.

Tron Expansion Drives

Tron recently acquires BitTorrent, a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing to distribute data and electronic files over the Internet. The foundation reportedly also acquired Utorrent another peer to peer electronic filed sharing software. Tron desires for some big development in the coming years given the company’s current acceleration.

Tron is currently at the number 10 position on the list of top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. It is a token having a fairly small price movement. This also sums up to a good future for the cryptocurrency. However, we don’t want to deduce that Tron is certainly a cryptocurrency to invest in. However, we advise you to follow market trends.

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Tron Breaks Two Major Records in the Last 24 Hours
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Tron Breaks Two Major Records in the Last 24 Hours
Tron cryptocurrency breaks 2 records in one day. It records 2.53 million transactions per day & daily growth rate- 32,284 a day, data as per last 14 days.
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