TRON Foundation Announces TRON Arcade Launching A New $300 Million GameFi and NFTFi Fund


Singapore / Aug 10 / — TRON, one of the largest and most popular blockchain-based operating systems in the world, has announced the establishment of a $300M fund in collaboration with APENFT and WINKLink. TRON Arcade, the new $300 million fund, will invest and incubate GameFi projects over the next three years. The fund’s establishment is part of TRON’s long-term efforts to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology. The fund’s primary goal is to empower developers to create and execute GameFi projects and build a robust DeFi content and entertainment community across TRON,  APENFT, and WINKLink’s communities. 


The interest and adoption of blockchain technology and DeFi are growing at an exponential rate around the world. However, younger, more digitized generations looking to escape reality into online worlds have led to the emergence of a new trend, the merger between NFT, DeFi, and Gaming. GameFi is the gamification of monetary mechanisms that make earning profits an enjoyable and exciting experience. By leveraging the interests of gamers in various genres, the play-to-earn mechanism suits players’ tastes while offering them a host of attractive activities and the value to match. 

Video and mobile games have always been a driving force for new forms of entertainment, and games are often the first test applied to new emerging technologies. As augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies grew over the past few years, we have seen a tenfold increase in VR and AR games. New technologies drive new gaming experiences, and blockchain is no different. Decentralized environments offer endless opportunities for developers to launch entire universes and worlds full of creatures, events, objects, and even internal economies to draw in droves of players and keep them glued to the interface. The value is in the underlying construct of GameFi, where “play” seamlessly turns into “work,” rewarding players with digital assets bearing real value for themselves or someone else in the marketplace. 

There is a ramp-up in GameFi innovation across the crypto space as we prepare to onboard the masses. “GameFi is going to be the next big thing that makes the DeFi, NFT, and larger crypto space easy to understand and be involved in,” said Justin Sun, Founder of TRON. “TRON is excited to be partnering with APENFT and WINKLink to build a robust GameFi ecosystem that is accessible to all.” APENFT and WINKLink have an ongoing prototype scheduled to be completed in Q3, and the joint product is estimated to be available to users in Q4.

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About TRON 

TRON is dedicated to accelerating and the decentralization of the internet through blockchain technology and decentralized applications. Founded in September 2017 by Justin Sun, the company has delivered a series of achievements, including MainNet launch on May 2018, network independence on June 2018, and TRON Virtual Machine launch on August 2018. July 2018 also marked the acquisition of BitTorrent, a pioneer in decentralized services boasting approximately 100M monthly active users.

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APENFT was born with the mission to register world-class artworks as NFTs on the blockchain. We aim to build a bridge between top-notch artists and blockchain and to support the growth of native crypto NFT artists. Like how blockchain democratizes finance like never before, APENFT, by turning top artists and art pieces into NFTs, not only upgrades the way artworks are hosted but also transforms them from being elite-exclusive items to something that truly belongs to the people and mirrors their aspirations. APENFT is the art for everyone.

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About WINKLink 

WINkLink is the first decentralized oracle on the TRON network, aiming to integrate the real world with the blockchain space. The project aims to provide reliable data feeds to enable smart contract execution. WINklink Oracle allows developers to connect to real-world data and connect smart contracts with real-world data feeds.

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