TRAXIA to Launch on Binance Chain and Issue TM2

A Swiss-based B2B trade finance platform, Traxia announced to launch
TM2 on the binanace chain. This is a token generation event for TM2. The token launch shall begin soon and intend to apply for listing on Binance DEX.

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According to the blog post of Traxia, the user-friendly Binance Chain seems to be an ideal fit for the TM2 Token as a utility token to settle fees on their improved debt exchange.

Tobias Pfuetze, Chairman Traxia Foundation :

“With TM2 we intend to push ourselves and our ecosystem to the next level. In line with the efforts of the Binance team from a centralized to a decentralized exchange”.

Traxia claims that “We imagine the owners of small and medium enterprises to issue their own debt securities and access liquid markets to finance their operations without the need for lengthy processes and unnecessary intermediaries. Nevertheless, compliance with KYC/AML regulations can be met and so can prospectus requirements by streamlining processes and workflows”.

As it is a multitrillion-dollar market, Traxia is excited to launch on Binance chain, as Binance is paving the way in terms of the leading Exchange for digital assets.

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