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TransferGo London Remittance Firm to Add Crypto Trading Services

London based Remittance firm, TransferGo believes that cryptos are here to stay and is now adding support for five cryptocurrencies.

TransferGo is the world’s first remittance firm to offer crypto trading services wherein customers are allowed to buy and sell five top digital currencies. According to the news, users can trade BTC, BCH, XRP, LTC and ETH.

The Founder and CEO of TransferGo, Daumantas Dvilinskas in an interview extended on the topic he a called a strong demand for cryptocurrencies. He said that, ‘Our clients wanted it’.

“We’ve launched this cryptocurrency trading facility in response to demand from our user base. Our innovation is driven by empathy for our customers and our focus is wherever there’s a point of friction for them. With over 4,000 users signing up in the first few hours we can see there is a strong demand in the market for a simple and reliable investment and trading solution”.

Moreover, the new service will be available on Android and iOS app version with AML and AYC policies. In point of fact that remittances service is completely differs from crypto services, said Dvilinskas. However, the new approach is mainly focused on fimilar environment of the firm’s user experience. It seems that customes are not allowed to transfer crypto asset to the other countries. But they can make a purchase for their own purpose.

Additionally, the firm provides first class customer service supports 7 different languages. It is also available via email, phone and social networks to guide their clients regarding the process of buying and selling crypto assets.

With the positive perspective on cryptocurrencies, Dvilinskas said;

“As a platform, they’re here to stay, and as a platform. We want to be a very easy and user-friendly way for consumers to get access to these. Which ones will succeed or fail, that’s a completely different topic.”

TransferGo, London headquartered is well known brand for its trust, transparency and best user experience. Currently, adding 1000 new customers daily, the firm has more than 65,000 users and has reached $1bn in money flow. Therefore, it is the only firm that guarantees about the money transfer duration that takes within 30 minutes. Due to their speedy USP, it is the only Pan- European money transfer company.

Nowadays, there is an increase in financial services that gradually stepping towards crypto world. Recently, Robinhood, zero-fee trading app launched Robinhood crypto which is enhancing overall the US country. Similarly, the Square Cash’s app by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, also offers cryptocurrencies trading services.

Image Source: TransferGo

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