Top Defi Gainers on September 17th: SNX 6%, AMPL 4%, MKR 2%


The crypto markets, as of present, is trying to gain its balance. This is so, as both bitcoin and major altcoins collectively make little gains. The markets have invariably left both investors and traders with long-awaited earnings necessary to cover the losses accrued in the past.

Although bitcoin still has a long way to go with respect to its all-time high price set around 2017, the top cryptocurrency looks relentless at the moment.

#1. Synthetix Network Token (SNX Price 5.92% Gain):

SNX trading view

SNX grabs first place in this wave of gainers’ list. The coin gains around 5.92%.

SNX obtained some loss within the week consistently. The coin dipped by 6.7% within the last 7 days. In the one-month timeframe, however, SNX lost 24.4% and still gains roughly 925% within the last year.

Technical Points

Prices spiked through the $4.4, $4.6 and $4.8 level comfortably. Facing tough resistance at 5.0, SNX established tough support at $4.6 level. With the immediate resistance at $5.0 the next key support lies at $4.8

  • Next key support at $4.8
  • Next key resistance at $5.0
  • RSI broke through the 70.0 level upwards. A little retracement to 50.0 is imminent.

#2. Ampleforth (AMPL 3% Gain):

AMPL trading chart

AMPL comes next amidst this wave of dominating gainers with a 3% daily profit.

AMPL lists this income as a continuation of the bull run the coin has experienced in a couple of days now. This, in turn, is initiating a buying pressure within the last 24 hours

AMPL is instantly trading at $0.76 around a market capitalization of $165 million. The coin’s exchange volume in the last 24 hours is approximately $9 million.

Technical Points

AMPL broke the resistance level at $0.70 to top the level. Ultimately, the coin rose all the way to $0.76 with roughly 15% profit.

Further this level, the more level of key resistance fibs at $0.8 where prices have been examined in the time past.

  • Next major resistance $0.8
  • Next major support at $0.76
  • RSI approaching overbought condition at 70.0

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#3. Maker (MKR 2% Gain):

MAKR price Analysis

Maker is the last coin on today’s list. The coin although, not with many gains, made a little profit of 2% since yesterday. 

MKR has a decent market emotion. There’s 50% optimism that MKR will trade positively as the trading day matures. 

With 5.0% 60-day gain, MKR lost around 10% in the 7-day timeframe. There’s also 1.4% yearly gain. 

MKR is currently changing hands at $476. Its market cap is around $430 million while 24-hour trading volume hovers around $53 million. 

Technical Points

  • Next major resistance level at $490
  • Next major support level at $470
  • Prices are currently trading horizontally.
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