Are You Following These Blockchain Trends in 2019?

The technology is said to likely go mainstream by 2019. Last year saw big events regarding blockchain.

There are institutions over various industries right from retail to shipping which is currently using blockchain tech to counter disturbing threats. Moreover, they are trying to push new markets developing new revenue streams.

One of Australian business company, IBM leveraging major projects is now ready to work with Data61, Herbert Smith Freehills, and King & Wood Mallesons. This collaboration is basically to pilot the Australian National Blockchain aka ANB.

Regarding this consortium, they are planning to design and develop an enterprise-grade blockchain. Moreover, they intend to serve as the backbone specifically to Australian business. They will address a challenge that spans every sectorial industry.

Meanwhile, the ANB will drive an ecosystem regarding a smart legal contract, bring in to life key terms and link data sources and procedures they ultimately govern.

This is basically the third complete year working on the blockchain, and organizations are looking to help them co-operate market shifts in the competitive landscape. Here are top blockchain trends that will likely come in near months.

  1. Blockchain quietly goes mainstream
  2. Regulators flex their muscles
  3. Production-ready blockchain initiatives emerge in government
  4. Engineers start skilling up
  5. Blockchains get chatty
  6. Consortiums become clearer

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