Top Athlet Russell Okung Wants to Talk About Bitcoin on ESPN


    Russell Okung, an American left tackle for Los Angeles and NFT superstar wants to talk about Bitcoin on ESPN.

    Russell is among the well-known players to educate the mass on Bitcoin and its features.

    The big players supporting Bitcoin could be an advantage for the digital asset in terms of adoption in the coming days.

Russell Okung Wants to Speak About Bitcoin on ESPN

The crypto community which at present is shaken with the recent Twitter hack that spread bitcoin scam. However, Russell O Kung, an NFT superstar in his tweet informed the community of him being featured on American multinational basic cable sports channel, ESPN to have a chat on Bitcoin.

Many of his followers are excited and waiting for his show on ESPN, this included a big crypto bull, Anthony Pompliano who responded ‘Let’s Go’.

However, Russell’s tweet also faced a lot of trolls, one among them also desired to have a wrestling match on ESPN.

I’m ready to come on with you and have a wrestling match, on ESPN. I don’t think that’ll help with the Bitcoin sell, but IT GETS THE PEOPLE GOING

On the other side, a crypto community member suggested Russ to talk about the recent hack. It points out the fact that “the public may have a bad image of Bitcoin after today, even though it was Twitter that was hacked”

An Athlete turned Bitcoin Educator

Russell’s swift into the crypto space turning him to a cryptocurrency advocate was one of the skeptical moments among the bitcoin bubble season of 2018. The player often hosts events to boost the knowledge and adoption of cryptocurrency. It was Russell who tweeted his wish to receive his salary in Bitcoins. Moreover, he has also invested in crypto-based debit card, Fold, which works in partnership with VISA. 

Besides this, a famous NFL team, the Sacramento Kings initiated a ‘new concept of crypto-sport bond’ in 2014. The initiative intends to introduce Bitcoin as a payment option for buying tickets and merchandise. This trend caught everyone’s attention and all followed it too.

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Russell had also hosted the first Bitcoin conference back in September 2019 wherein the panel was led by Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano, Jimmy Song, Mati Greenspan, and Peter McCormack. Russell’s interest in Bitcoin isn’t surprising though, as one of the lead crypto exchanges, Gemini is run by former Olympic Athletes. Gemini is launched by Bitcoin billionaire, Cameron, and Tyler Winklevoss. 

Bitcoin Proce Unfazed

Despite Twitter’s major hack attack, there are no major price fluctuations seen in Bitcoin and other altcoins. In fact, Bitcoin has continually failed to break the mark of $9400 over the past three weeks. However, at the time of reporting this, Bitcoin is quietly surging by 0.48 percent within the past 24Hrs. It is valuing at $9165 against USD. But, as per the cryptoanalysts, Bitcoin traders aren’t betting on a short-term bitcoin price drop. 

So readers, what’s your view on bitcoin adoption following the influencers and leaders from other industries entering the crypto ecosystem?

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