Analyst Predicts Top Altcoins Set for a Major Push in 2021


Youtuber Austin Arnold on the channel ‘Altcoin Daily’ has made some predictions on which altcoins he thinks traders and investors should look out for and keep on the radar for the year 2021.


According to analyst Cardano (ADA) is primed to be one of the top picks in March. As the project seems to have strong narrative and lower transaction fees than Ethereum, as well as the activation of Mary.

Another cryptocurrency with huge upside potential due to improvements is Chainlink.

Moving further he adds The Graph could be an altcoin to witness growth. The Graph token is the decentralized protocol for searching and indexing the data on various blockchains. It is like a google search for blockchains, and this innovative concept would take Graph to heights.

He calls Polkadot the gem of this altcoin cycle. The released roadmap of Polkadot projects will keep this promising ecosystem in the eyes of the market.

Pancakeswap is his next bet as it has become the second-largest Dex platform with a $400 Million volume of trade, he thinks it is bullish for binance smart chains.

Finally, Ethereum is the last cryptocurrency that could offer big gains in March with the launch of an ETP by CoinShares, estimated at $75 million.

He further mentions Uniswap, Filecoin, and Celsius as some of the hot coins that will have a great bull run in the year 2021.

Non Fungible Tokens – NFT

According to Arnold Although the NFT market in 2017 that was dominated by crypto kitties did crash which is prone to happen in the market. In the coming years, NFT’s will have a massive bull run, as there is a huge craze in the market for non-fungible tokens. 

The project with an NFT marketplace, SuperFarm (SUPER), which will also facilitate the trading of these tokens.

He further mentions Uniswap, Filecoin, and Celsius as some of the hot coins that will have a great bull run in the year 2021.

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