Guess The Right Token To Be Listed On Uphold Exchange & Win Crypto

On achieving $5billion in trades on its crypto exchange, Uphold is celebrating its success with a unique “Crypto Challenge” giveaway. Uphold is a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange opening its gates for 15 new tokens.

Now you might be wondering which are these questions. Hold on! It is you who will guess the name of the tokens that will be on the Uphold Exchange. Yes, you heard it right. Uphold is offering its guessers a reward on guessing the right token that will be listed on the exchange. 

According to the announcement from the Uphold Exchange, 

“You’ve spoken, we’ve listened. Starting from Wednesday, August 28, we’re adding 15 new digital currencies – one per day – that together represent some of the most exciting projects in the blockchain industry. You can earn $50 worth of free crypto every day for three weeks simply by guessing the next currency to list each day. Good luck and get guessing!”

As today is the first day, Uphold Exchange has listed TRON as the first currency in the 15 day crypto challenge. On the account of this successful listing, the exchange is celebrating with 24-hours of ZERO exchange fees for buys on TRX.

Why This Expansion?

The exchange exclaims that they wish to expand its listings to satisfy its repeated requests from traders willing to have more cryptocurrencies. In order to celebrate its target of $5 billion in transactions on the exchange it is adding this giveaway twist. 

The first 10 correct guesses will receive the associated tokens. Also, the new listing will come up with the same added bonus of 24-hour zero-fee trading. Noting further, this “Crypto Countdown Challenge” will not be available to the crypto traders in the United States and China. This is mainly due to the regulatory issues that the countries hold. 

Which is your prediction for the next token to be listed on Uphold Exchange? Share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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