Tim Wagner, AWS Manager Joins Coinbase as Vice President Engineering

Amazon cloud service General manager, Tim Wagner join cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform Coinbase.

According to Coinbase Tim Wagner is hired as the company’s vice president of engineering. Wagner successfully managed several Amazon web service business units and was director of development at Microsoft before crossing over to Coinbase

CoinBase Snatches AWS Manager Tim Wagner

Yesterday Monday 6 August 2018, Coinbase announced the hiring of Amazon’s Tim Wagner as vice president of engineering. Wagner who had a very long successful career at Amazon rising through the ranks of the company’s cloud computing business unit Amazon web service.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently wrote in a blog post saying,

“Tim Wagner is aligned with our values as Coinbase and he has deep experience with great technical organizations. These qualities, along with his engineering expertise, make him the ideal addition to our team. We couldn’t be more excited to have him on board.”

Accordingly, Coinbase whose businesses involved cryptocurrency exchange and trading relies greatly on its engineering department to help secure the platform and keep everything running smoothly. The company revealed that engineering is very essential to enable it to create an open financial system in the world. However, at Coinbase Tim will be leading a team of brilliant engineers hand-picked from the best organizations globally.

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Tim Wagner Expected to Spur Growth at Coinbase

As a leading cryptocurrency platform, coinbase clientele keeps on increasing as more and more companies, businesses and individuals delve into cryptocurrency as well as digital assets. As a leading player in the cryptocurrency space, the company is growing at a faster pace. To harmonize this expansion with its actual technical capabilities coinbase is picking the most successful as well as motivated engineers and bringing them to their team.

Latest big name joining the team as Vice-president engineering, Tim Wagner will be expecting to spur this growth and development at coinbase. Given Mr. Wagner’s experiences, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has no doubt Tim is the right man to lead the company’s Engineering Department.

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