This is Why Netizens Think Matic Deserves Cardano’s Marketcap!


    Much awaited Cardano smart contract testnet was launched a couple of days before. Minswap was the first DApp live on ADA public testnet!

    The launch was speculated to have not worked as per expectations. Yet IOHK backs the launch.

    Reports indicate a surge in Matic social trends who look the asset in the top 5 replacing of Cardano

Cardano smart contract testnet was recently live but could not stand with expectations. And hence it resulted in heated debates on social media. On the other hand, Polygon price showcased more strength than ADA. Therefore a part of the community feels Matic deserves to be in the top 5 rather than ADA!


Minswap was the first Decentralised app to go live on ADA public testnet! Part of the crypto market is upset as ADA testnet network could not operate DeFi transactions properly. The limitation of the system is that ADA process only one transaction per block. Another part of the community argues that the issues were with the Minswap developers. However, the fans believe that the testnet is to test the efficiency, compatibility, and speed.

IOHK, the parent company of Cardano, came up with a series of tweets backing the ADA smart contract testnet launch. In tweets, they cleared ongoing speculations. The team mentioned that they use unique programming protocols for dApps. Therefore, they assured that the team would release further technical documentation to assist developers.

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MATIC More Deserved TO Be In Top 5 Than Cardano

Santiment, a crypto metric platform, reported that Polygon and  ADA are the top trending topics on Sunday. People searched more for the price as MATIC price experienced a decent surge. On the other hand, people appear to have fallen into FUD as they kept on searching for the capability of the ADA smart contract integration.

Going through some discussions community seems to favour Matic. The market believes the Matic network is coming up with new apps every day, SDK integrations, exchanges listingsmedia coverage. And they feel it will be too late for ADA even if they manage to launch smart contracts and dApps within next year.  

Collectively, ADA’s testnet may not have reached the expectations. As IOHK assured that  Cardano’s smart contract will come up with major improvements. The Community is awaiting the launch. 

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