The Interoperable Metaverse and The Future Of Gamer ID’s!

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Qadir Ak is the founder of Coinpedia. He has over a decade of experience writing about technology and has been covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2010. He has also interviewed a few prominent experts within the cryptocurrency space.

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The Virtual world is the web’s tomorrow, a digital domain where entertainment, business, art, and community swirl in one. Grayscale recently released research that confirmed the Metaverse’s economic and financial worth.

They estimated the Metaverse to be worth $1.5 trillion. By 2030, Morgan Stanley estimates that the digital luxury industry will be worth $57 billion. There seems to be not a major product, big or little, that hasn’t put effort and investment into the Metaverse. Individuals have just not gone insane; the Metaverse is a legitimate phenomenon.

With the first-ever cross-chain guild management tool, gDEX Metaverse emerges from the shadows. This full-featured guild administration tool has everything you need to level up your guild like a pro!

Guilds are intrinsically restricted in growth by organizational productivity and innovation as groups develop more dominant in the P2E market. Guilds will indeed be capable to maximize the worth of the gameplay NFTs, monitoring their revenues and learners’ engagements, streamlining company operations by employing the individual compensation and NFT leasing mechanism, acquire and developing guilds into the thousands of people like a company.

Standard accountancy, payroll costs, and human resource management systems just do not fit a decentralized network or blockchain-based corporate model. In a reality where asset transfers are more than just a bank transaction, traditional financial monitoring software never clearly works.

The gDEX Guild Management Tool was created to provide a one-stop-shop for all of these difficulties, as well as to pave the way for guild companies to scale in the next phase of Web3 gameplay.

The very first update of gDEX’s core products and metaverse development tools is a cross-chain guild management solution. gDEX Metaverse enables gamers, makers, and guilds to construct, configure, and play in the metaverse by combining a single GameFi layer with a rich array of web3 network skeptic tools.

As an industry link, the highly extendable base paradigm helps programmers, games, chains, guilds, markets, bridges, and more to create configurable Lego block integration solutions.

A tokenized Metaverse Passport that is developable and tracks your gaming journey across the metaverse, revolutionary NFT standards that enable NFTs to be used cross-platform, and no-coding required Web3 maker methods with a vibrant communications data management system enable tokenized games to be implemented quickly, reducing expenses of long-established game design are just a few of the plug and play, neither needed products.

For the previous two months, the firm has been quietly growing its customer and user base, onboarding 50+ Guilds, 10 games integrated, 50,000+ Guild Scholars & Users, 160,000 direct community members and social followers, 2+ Million South East Asia integrated partner communities, and more.

The company’s team, which has previously worked with big game companies such as Nintendo, Ubisoft, JP Morgan, Disney, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and others, may be attributed with this traction. Aside from that, the company is supported by Pro Gaming Influencer investors and advisers with a combined 30 Million followers and 5 Billion views, adding to the team’s reputation and confirmation.

gDEX is essentially Widely regarded for the Play to Earn Metaverse. Steam continues to dominate players, developers, and their communities, siphoning wealth across the board,  gDEX is the next step in the growth of Web3 gaming. However, the company’s ideas and technologies go well beyond simply turning game assets into NFTs.

The secret to unleashing the capabilities of gaming and the metaverse is interoperability. When Mark Zuckerberg first announced Meta clearly and openly six months ago, he mentioned this fundamental issue. Although this may come as a surprise to Zuckerberg, the main gDEX development and executive teams have been focusing on these ideas for two years, with major beta models, proofs of concept, and MVPs.

The demand for interoperability will only increase as the gaming industry expands. An immediate answer is required, and gDEX is ready to lead this change. The Guild Management Tool is currently only available to associated guilds for exclusive access, but interested players and guilds may sign up now to be alerted when it becomes available to the general public.

The Future of Gamer IDs — The Metaverse Passport

When someone registers to play a blockchain-based game, they often do so by connecting a web3 wallet to their browser, which then unlocks their account. While this approach is more efficient than the web2 era’s login ID and password scheme, it is still inefficient in and of itself. This is partly owing to the fact that user data is saved separately from one another in each game’s database, rather than on their web3 wallets. 

When information is not transferred between games, interoperability is impossible. There is a demand for a single unified identity and a wallet that can save and show a user’s progress across a wide range of gaming items throughout the metaverse. That’s exactly what the Metaverse Passport will be.

Signing up for a global Metaverse Passport will be gamers’ first venture into gDEX. Within the gDEX ecosystem and metaverse as a whole, this portable identity serves as the foundation for the gamer’s Web3 identity, which tracks all of their activity, effort, revenue, and metaverse inventory.

 What is gDEX Metaverse?

The gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) is a ground-breaking Play to Earn platform that connects players, developers, and guilds across the Metaverse.

gDEX Metaverse acts as a unified GameFi layer that enables interoperability across the metaverse, hosting a suite of robust chain agnostic no-coding needed tools and a DeFi-fueled GameFi token economy for gamers to maximize the value of their effort, creators to easily create and onboard games, and guilds to manage and grow their guilds like never before — all tied to their unique metaverse passport.

Join the gDEX Metaverse community: 

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Qadir AK

Qadir Ak is the founder of Coinpedia. He has over a decade of experience writing about technology and has been covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2010. He has also interviewed a few prominent experts within the cryptocurrency space.

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