Get Your Tesla CyberTruck with only 1BTC – Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee, Founder of Ballet Crypto and Board member of the BTC Foundation predicted the price of Tesla CyberTruck to be equal to 1 BTC. This reaction came following the surge in the Bitcoin price crossing $10,000.


Tesla CyberTruck for 1 BTC

The Crypto space rejoiced today after the Bitcoin price crossed $10,000.Now, in these running times, we see new people with new Bitcoin price predictions every single day. Same with Bobby Lee, in a very interesting and tempting tweet gave out his price prediction for Bitcoin for the coming year.

According to the tweet, Lee predicted a single Bitcoin price will be equal to Tesla’s CyberTruck in coming days. To reach out for more masses, he also put out a deal with the twitter world that, if the price of Bitcoin surpasses $39,900 then he would give away a Tesla CyberTruck to one lucky person who will Like and Retweet his post.

Further to this, he encourages to invest in bitcoin which is priced nearly $10,000. He says that one who believes in his price prediction will surely get his/her CyberTruck next year by only investing in one Bitcoin now. And for the reason, he suggests to go and a Bitcoin for themselves.

Bitcoin Crosses $10,000 Mark

Bitcoin prices are very interesting to follow. The masses following the trend do very well know how Bitcoin reached its tip of the mountain with $20,000 in 2017 and slashed thereafter. Bitcoin prices at the talk of the town every day due to its constant fluctuation. 

Recently, Bitcoin had just reached its halfway mark from the previous record, $10,003 in February 2020 but quickly pulled back to $9,975 within no time. This nature of Bitcoin is quite normal as the price keeps changing. It reached half of the halfway mark, less than $5000 on 11 March 2020.

This was the same phase when the whole world was held back with the pause button due to lockdown imposed all around the world to stop COVID-19 pandemic.

The lockdown made every business stand-still, even the stock exchanges. But the crypto world especially Bitcoin resurfaced. The prices started to plunge as the activities did not stop. As the backbone of Cryptocurrencies, ‘Blockchain’ is decentralized!!!

Many governments realized the power of decentralized technology and initiated their process to use the technology in the time of remote access to work

This time Bitcoin price has crossed the mark and has a little buffer price around 10,000 which will help it remain above the mark even the prices fall to some extent.

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On The Whole

Bitcoin lovers are now in festive mood rejoicing the new record Bitcoin has achieved and Bobby Lee’s offer is like icing on the cake. Not to be missed folks, give a try and hope the Bitcoin price does not cross $40,000 to get your Cybertruck.

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