Telegram Unveils New Telegram Passport System Based on Blockchain Tech


Telegram, the popular messaging platform is reportedly testing user verification service on its future blockchain based TON. The service is named as Telegram Passport which is used to store users’ IDs, bank statements and utility bills on TON.


According to Russian media reports, a close test of a new services has been conducted by developers at telegram. The users on the blockchain will be able to make a purchase and pay for services on Telegram Open Network with Gram, its native token.

The local news, Vedomosti reports, once the customers provides their personal details and documents will be uploaded to the messenger. Later on, it is directly shared with Telegram’s partners as well as on user’s systems too.

Telegram Passport: a login authentication system

It is the first ever service of the blockchain’s Telegram Open Network to be launched by the summer. It allows users to upload identity documents and other verification data to attach to their profile. However, the particular passport can be carried between services to authenticate users to have multiple access for online services.

The partner at SP Capital, Alexander Filatov said;

“Telegram Passport will help to avoid the anonymity of crypto-currency payments, which is so worrisome for regulators all over the world”.

Moreover, its already buzz about several companies to join Telegram, but many have not confirmed the partnership. Therefore, Qiwi company has confirmed the news of considering the partnership with Telegram. Although, Sergei Solonin, co-owner Qiwi have declined to comment.

One of most important benefits of the new service is that it can overcome the secrecy related crypto payments. Thus, it is aiming to provide the complete authenticated marketplace of the future.

According to Alexei Prokofiev, a partner at two venture capital funds states:

“It’s a matter of digital sovereignty”.

He suggested that gradually the states will have to switch Biometrics identity verification system. He said that if Telegram doesn’t have a relationship with government authorities then it might fail to acquire licenses for providing services.

How quick can Telegram Passport will be able to catch on verified login systems? Let’s discuss on Telegram and Twitter.  

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