Try Out New Telegram Passport Authorization Service

Telegram released a new crypto-oriented feature: “Telegram Passport", a unified authorization services required for personal identification.

The instant messaging app, Telegram has launched the new feature called “Telegram Passport” on Thursday. The newly released version 4.9 is available on both  Android and iOS devices

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Using this service user can upload their identification documents in the cloud storage and share the information with any platform which needs a real-world ID such as finance, ICOs, etc. The team says that this is the second phase of the Telegram Login project and initially it was introduced back in February.

Telegram Passport is a “unified authorization services which require the personal identification”. You can say it as the “Know Your Customer” for ICOs. The documents are said to be protected by end-to-end encryption. The platform also promises to enhance its service while eventually implementing “a decentralized cloud”.

New Crypto Identification Service- Telegram Passport

The telegram was announced by Pavel Durov, the follower of bitcoin. The platform has the noteworthy importance being the user base to cryptocurrency. Their preferred conveyance token sales channel tends Telegram to rely its effort upon the crypto community.

Telegram Passport is mainly initiative to offer the verification services. The service also followed the future plans of Telegram to develop and release its own blockchain. Also, they have sketched out the plan to integrate a native token with its existing messaging app.

With the flow of news, Telegram is more to explore how users will use this app by giving them the access to log into services which prompt the real-world identification.

What is the Procedure behind the New App?

To use the app, users need to upload their Identity on the Telegram’s cloud storage. After which the host will add the end-to-end encryption to secure the privacy.

For services and platforms that support Telegram Passport, users can directly choose the prompted documents, rather than uploading them separately to every single app.

ePayments is the first online payment service to supports the Telegram Passport feature.

When any service request information, the app will integrate with the Telegram Passport. The user will then have an option to Login via Telegram. Similar to Twitter, Facebook, or any Google login, the user can log in to the service with their Telegram credentials. However the information that user needs to enter are;

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Residential Address
  • Identity documents [passport, driver’s license, identity card, utility bill, bank statement, selfie]
  • The user can manually feed all the credentials

The app automatically feeds all the information when there’s a request from a site of service. In addition to this, you need to know that Telegram Passport is a password protected app.

The Telegram official website also offers a demo page where the users can practically see how the verification service works.

For the moment, Telegram has only implemented the third-party verification support considerably for Passport. Thus the main concern is the privacy measures and trying to continuously renew the security methods to protect its users’ data. Nevertheless, if anyone interested to download the latest official version of Telegram, you can find it here:

What do you think about this Telegram Passport App? Share your views with us on Twitter.

Image Source: Telegram

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