The Telegram Blockchain – TON To Be Launched Soon

As per Telegram TON Board channel, the first version of TON, the Telegram blockchain, will be launched on September 1st. 

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According to the platform: 

“The development of the TON core technology is almost complete, according to sources close to Telegram. The version is expected to be launched by 1 September 2019: it will include a node code and the network validation module.

The TON team is finalizing the documentation for these tools. This will be the final version before the launch of the core network. The core network will be active after the public tests.”

The resources claim that this is not the actual mainnet launch, but a beta version code is used for testing. 

Basically, the Telegram TON Board channel, is a private channel designed by and for investors of the Telegram Open Network. It is  also built for future major owners of Gram tokens. 

However, The Telegram Open Network project roadmap was not that clear. Previously, it was assumed that the mainnet would be launched in the Q3 of 2018, whereas in February of this year there were rumours that 90% of it was already complete. 

The problem is that only when the TON mainnet launches it will be possible to know for sure who is actually offering Gram tokens and who is trying to defraud investors.

Overall, The TON Board believes that, the project will finally be able to deliver something more significant, as is the open-source code of the network nodes and the validation module.

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