Tel-Aviv Based Start-Up Uses Blockchain Tech to Help Students Get Jobs

A start-up company named Bitjob is looking into creating a blockchain platform that allows students all over the globe to access jobs through the internet.

Accessing jobs on the internet is not a new thing as we have numerous internet based job agencies today. What makes Bitjob different from other platforms is that it will be utilizing the blockchain technology in its design.

Bitjob which was founded by Dror Medalion, Aviad Gindi, and Elad Kofman is currently based in Tel-Aviv. Medalion who is the start-up CEO said in a post published by the Jerusalem Post that unlike the majority of blockchain based platforms, Bitjob will not be completely decentralized. He explained that the platform was designed to utilize parts of the blockchain tech to optimize its operation.

In the report, he stated that it will be possible for employees or students on the platform to be paid either regular currency or cryptocurrency by their employers. The agreed mode of payment will be discussed between these parties.

Like most other blockchain platforms, Bitjob will be creating its own cryptocurrency token called the student coin (STU). Medalion went on to state that the mining of coin on the platform can be referred to as social mining.

The developer expressed his belief that university students with skills shouldn’t wait for certificates before they can access jobs. In response to concerns raised about the exploitation of workers by the employers on the platform, Medalion reassured users that a dispute system will be incorporated. The system will allow students and workers to report incidents.

Bitjob’s Rise

Bitjob is a blockchain tech-based platform that intends to bridge the gap between students and employers. The platform is designed to register each job done by a person on the blockchain. However which makes the hacking and falsification of job history impossible.

The Initial coin offering for STU was launched in September 2017 through to October with reportedly over 2,000 people contributing. The ICO was able to make 23% of its fundraising goal.

According to reports, the platform will officially be launched on January 1, 2019, with the mobile app being planned to be released sometime in the first quarter of that same year.

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