Irish start-up Bitcart is releasing Festy for Dash cryptocurrency payments

The world’s first wristband competent of facilitating Dash cryptocurrency payments is released by Irish start-up Bitcart, the creation of Festy. This technology allows crypto payments into the conventional by making the process more attractive for both merchants and patrons.

Wearing your Wallet

It’s been a groundbreaking year for Cryptocurrencies. The values of cryptocurrency are expanding with more attractive and popularity. Conversely, for the real world scenarios, there is a lack of technology in the market.

Festy is a world’s first Dash cryptocurrency payment wristband. It is developed by Irish startup which allows the wearer to pay with the Dash cryptocurrency. Festy is an ATM wherein users can add funds to their wristband “wallet”.

However, Festy is compatible as it accepts contactless Visa payments, NFC (near field communication) tags or offline payments with QR codes. It is further designed for bar and festival hoppers and can even be utilized to store ticket which will prevent frauds or substantiates ages of observance at events.

A better payment system

Festy offers its customers advantages over traditional credit cards. Bitcart CEO Graham de Barra told Bankless Times, “Our partnership with Dash makes the perfect payment solution for everyday transactions”. Merchants benefit from the system as well. “Distinctly, traditional bank payments which take 2 to 5% fee, no cash on receiving Dash for merchants”.

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Though, the Blockchains technologies which Cryptocurrencies are built are unlikely to go mainstream without easy to use tech like Festy. But, they can boost security and transparency.

Thankfully, Bitcart helps Cryptocurrencies break into the mainstream by a number of Bitcoin debit cards which makes easier payments. Therefore, Bitcoin is on way to becoming accepted form of payment.

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