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SYS, SNX, FXC Coin Price Enjoying Bullish Trend

The crypto market is not without much surprises within the last 24 hours. Although bitcoin still remains static but showing signs of an inbound price revival. Many alternate coins are taking alternate routes to either make massive gains or sink in the process.

On the list below, we present the top gainers within the last 24 hours. We design the list to equip our readers with cryptos to watch out for and also to understand the reasons (if available) for such expectations.

#1. Syscoin (SYS 160% Up):

Syscoin took the market by a surprise since the last 24 hours. The coins gained a considerable 160% in the last 24 hours. It may appear that the cryptocurrency is the best performing coin of the week and may not be surpassed in a little while.

The market sentiment is bullish for SYS. 74% of market watchers voted positive while SYS is expected to further its gains into the 180% corner.

The coins made consistent gains within a span of one year. It is up by 330% since last year and by 350% within the last two weeks. The coin is down by 2% since the last hour.

The gains made are a result of ongoing developments at Syscoin. The community awaits supposed good news on the 23rd of July but has celebrated collaboration with the Harcomia wallet. Also, Syscoin made a desktop release and a host of other improvements including the kickoff of master nodes.

SYS is currently trading at $0.137 with a market cap of $84 million.

#2. Synthetix Network Token (SNX 14.0% Up):

SNX takes the second place on our list today. The crypto gained around 14% since the last day.

Almost 100% of market respondents think SNX will accrue more gains into the ripe of the trading day.

The coin is one of the top gainers in a one-year timeline with about 1,500% gain since last year. SNX is up by around 190% since last month and 56% since last week. The coin keeps making gains to present with around 4% in the last hour.

The gains accrued is in combination with Defi token rallying recently due to institutional interests in crypto expressed recently by Grayscale.

SNX currently trades at $3.94 with an average daily market cap of $434 million.

#3. Flexacoin (FXC 11.28% Up):

FXC ranks third on this list with a 24-hour percentage gain around 12%. Many traders believe that this is the beginning of a price rally for FXC as 100% of respondents are bullish on Fkexacoin.

The coin is down by around 35% since last year and by 9% within the last two weeks. However, the coin records 5% gain within the last month as well as 4% within the last hour.

FXC is changing hands at $0.0032 amid 24-hour trading volume that averages $490,000.

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