August 1, 2021, SUNC TOKEN – To Be Listed On Uniswap


Using Blockchain Technology To Create Transparency For Online Casinos 

Since the first pre-sale on June 8, 2021, SUNC has conducted a total of five pre-sales. On August 1, 2021, we will list our tokens on Uniswap at a unit price of $0.022.  Uniswap is a decentralized exchange designed to prevent theft risks and wallet hacking. Another reason why Uniswap is the go-to exchange is because of its low fees for trading tokens. 

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The Appeal For The SUNC Token

The SUNC token is a native token issued by this project that aims to solve the problems of traditional online casinos by utilizing blockchain technology. It also functions as a governance token that determines the beneficiary rights and operating policies of the online casino. In addition, 100% of the casino revenue will be distributed to the token holders.

  • 30% of the game’s revenue…. will be distributed directly to SUNC holders in USDT
  • 30% of the game’s revenue…. will be a direct USDT distribution to the gaming table ownership rights that will be in a form of an NFT
  • 20% of the game’s revenue…. will go to the Jackpot Pool
  • 20% of the game’s revenue…. Will go to the DAO Funds Deposit

On top of all this, SUNC tokens are like shares in a stock company, so the project team will not sell their tokens so easily. Therefore, there is minimal risk of a sudden price dump. We aim to be everyone’s online casino by creating a transparent, fraud-free, and operator-less DAO.  

Plans on After Listing on Uniswap

September 1, 2021: Staking Platform Opens & xSUNC Tokens Listed on Uniswap

V1-SUNC-Pool: The reward tokens are xSUNC

V1-SUNC/ETH-Pool: The reward tokens are xSUNC

Staking rewards will be distributed in xSUNC tokens, not in SUNC. xSUNC is a token that can be traded on Uniswap, just like the SUNC token. The reason being is that it is a measure to keep the SUNC price from dumping. Please keep in mind that xSUNC tokens will be exchanged for SUNC tokens after the release of the online casino.

  • Q1 2022: SUNRISE CASINO by DAO Beta Version Opens
  • V1 Staking Ends
  • V2 Staking Begins
  • Q3 2022: SUNRISE CASINO by DAO Version 1.0 Opens
  • Q4 2022 NFT Market Version 1.0 Opens

Gaming table ownership rights, NFT auction-style selling, and Lottery-style selling platform commences 

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