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Substratum Launches New Type of Cryptocurrency Exchange

Substratum Company happily announces the new development and revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange. The new crypto platform is Amplify Exchange

Substratum Launch Amplify exchange

Amplify exchange is basically a hybrid exchange, with a combination of a distributive and decentralizing platform. They are looking to offer fiat-crypto gateways including the leading 100 cryptocurrencies during the launch.

This new platform has an easy-to-use friendly interface. Traders of every experience levels can easily use to trade major cryptocurrencies directly using their bank or credit accounts. Additionally, it enables users to use cryptocurrencies for buying any goods and services that too directly from merchants. Also, the CEO at Substratum (SUB), Justin Tabb says,

With our Amplify Exchange, we wanted to give everyone, regardless of his/her location or crypto expertise, the ability to easily get into and out of crypto tokens and coins. This has never been done before. We are also excited to announce that SubstratumNode hosts and CryptoPay users will directly benefit from the Amplify Exchange.

The Amplify Exchange is the third product coming from the Substratum ecosystem. The other two products are

  1. SubstratumNode
  2. CryptoPay

A substratum node verifies the transactions incoming on the Amplify Exchange. This enables SubstratumNode users to earn AMPX tokens apart from SUB tokens. Also, cryptocurrency purchase from this new exchange will automatically get access in a CryptoPay account of the user. Using this amount, a user can buy anything from participating merchants. Moreover, they can also donate to engaging non-profit organizations.

A new platform will allow users to quickly perform their transactions for purchasing cryptocurrency. After the purchase, the amount will be available in their wallets with a speed of a broker transaction. Moreover, it also offers

  • Professional trading tools for technical analysis
  • Trading and account alerts
  • Investment reports
  • Tax reporting
  • Portfolio management tools
  • Much more in a sophisticated interface

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