CoinDash: 2000 stolen Ether Worth $17million are restituted by Ethereum Hackers

In February 2018 the CoinDash company announced that another 20,000 Ether was returned to them by the supposed Ethereum hacker.

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CoinDash announced last week that a hacker who stole 43,000 ether tokens (ETH) during the startup’s ICO on July last year, returned 20,000 tokens quietly.

The hacker used the address FAKE_CoinDash to send the amount to one of the CoinDash’s addresses Tx Link. Although the company said, it informed Counter Cyber Terrorism Unit in Israel a lot of questions remain as to the ownership of the mentioned address. For instance, this is the second time the ETH address is returning money to the company.

Last year in September, it reverted 10,000 ETH to the same official company address. Some claimed it was an insider job.

The company also said in the announcement that the development would not affect the launch of the product yesterday.

If it turns out to be a hack, then it is a particular kind out of the many hacks reported in media so far. This is because usually, hackers will not return funds after stealing.

Late last month, hackers made away with $500 million worth of digital coins from a Japanese-based cryptocurrency exchange called Coincheck. The company owned the mistake of keeping the amount on an online wallet referred to them like a hot wallet. The company also lacked multi-signature security feature. Nevertheless, it is one of the biggest heists in the cryptocurrency industry.

The company also published 11 addresses where all the 523 million of the stolen coins went.

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