Stellar Lumens (XLM) Is Controlling Its Prices This Crypto Winter

Stellar is currently outperforming Bitcoin SV and few other coins in the market. Most of the early traders and investors have already experienced it 100x during betting on it.


Amongst the cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens has been working well from quite a time now and has already influenced many of the experts around thinking of the global financial system of the future. This coin is counted among the valuable ones in terms of market capitalization.


The price of this coin seems really affordable which is now giving Ethereum, third-ranking cryptocurrency a tough competition. Its constant innovation and development have been proved in 2018 which is likely a reason behind its success.

Many experts still believe stellar to outperform leaving many of their competitors behind while the market recovers. Moreover, the early investors are already enjoying gains on the price of Stellar lumens up to 100x from 2018.

Stellar Reaping Benefits From Ethereum and Ripple

One of the core reasons behind the success of stellar is because this coin possesses similar aspects as that of Ethereum; however, it is comparatively cheaper. Frequently, Stellar is compared to ripple in terms of their common creator i.e. Jed McCaleb, which is a co-founder of Ripple as well.

Ripple and stellar together have2-4 seconds as their transaction speed and the fees are around minor than 1 cent. The only difference that makes ripple is it does not offer a platform for development. On the other hand, Stellar offers users with a platform to develop DApps via stellar Blockchain.

There are new cryptos that clients can establish using the stellar platform similar to Ethereum. Also, ICO is able to run through its Blockchain, while some ICO is already operating on the stellar Blockchain.

The third largest crypto, Ethereum platform helps to build apps at the moment, however, it still works slower than stellar. Positively, Stellar operates with much faster transaction speed along with relatively lower transaction fees even while the system faces congestion.

Also, the transaction using this platform need not depend on any kind of miners as they run on decentralized servers. Likely, this is a reason behind its cheap and fast process.

Stellar has learned quite lessons from the flaws and mistakes of Ethereum in terms of vulnerable smart contracts. The team at stellar is putting their efforts on creating a superior smart contract which cannot be tackled from anywhere. Moreover, its authentication procedure sounds safer that consist of multiple layers of encryption.

Recent Partnership With IBM

The Stellar Lumens is also growing through the partnership with IBM tech giant using their Blockchain aka world wire which is one amongst the worth promising project. Moreover, they have been working together on various projects towards improvement.

This partnership has been proved an influencing move for the Stellar team, making itself a transaction bonus for IBM. XLM is gaining more investors as they join the usability of giving the market a boost. Additionally, stellar has AML and KYC compliance, which is a great factor to trust the platform. To be more precise, the platform is entirely legal.

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