Steemit unveils its new rebrand and redesign

Today, steemit is on the top of every social network when it comes to sharing blockchain based news or updates. A few years ago, it has emerged as the blockchain based firm with products as STEEM & Steem Dollars. These were the tradable tokens user tries to earn for sharing, posting, commenting & discovering interesting insights and content.

Steemit is in beta version but still has acquired 90% of crypto industry market.

This blockchain-based social network has unveiled a new rebrand and redesign of its mobile app and website. Infact, it looks very ‘prototype’ before but the new design is more alert an on easier interface and friendly user experience.

The team will discuss new open software which is out to improve the value and utility of the Steem Blockchain.

Ned Scott, Steemit founder, and CEO said,

“We’ve experienced such incredible growth since our launch last year and the Steem Blockchain is now one of the most scalable and efficient blockchains in the industry”. We are no longer the ‘new kid on the blockchain’ and the Steemit team is into an increasingly large, scalable and continuously hyper productive organization. The new look and feel of our app and website are better for users and demonstrable signs of Steemit’s development since our inception”.

It has also redesigned its logo with a vibrant color scheme that sets it apart from the steem blockchain website.

Here is a quick look at its logo and color scheme

Steemit’s new design

Steem that is been in the crypto industry for over a year has distributed millions of dollars worth of steemit. It provided those leverage steemit by posting and commenting on interesting topics.

Smart Media Tokens is the new concept by steemit to enable business firms and organizations. As to integrate customizable token system over their websites. With this, steemit’s effort is to incorporate digital media with blockchain technology.

Steemit mobile app design will also be consistent with the redesign. Considerably, a user can effectively and easily send, receive and access to STEEM using steemit’s mobile crypto wallet.

Furthermore, steem blockchain has improvised its dev portal to facilitate developers build an application. Since it makes steemit platform streamline and successful.

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