Japanese Electronic Giant Sony Applies for Blockchain Hardware Patents

Sony Electronics Corporation, the Tokyo based global electronic company stepped into the blockchain space by securing for themselves patent blockchain patent rights

For the past few years, Sony electronics corporation filed for numerous patent rights for hardware products relating to blockchain technologyThe company filed for a number patents already and still continues to apply for more. The interest of the corporation in regards to blockchain technology is more pronounced on developing hardware for maintaining the blockchain.

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Sony looks into developing Blockchain Hardware

Two patent applications entitled “Electronic Node and Method Maintaining a Distributed Ledger” and “Device and System” was lodged by Sony corporation to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Both of these products aims to developed are related to devices and systems that would be deployed to maintain ledgers.

The first patent the company applied for provides an electronic device which could be used for maintaining a distributed ledger system. According to the content of this patent application, the device comprises of a circuit built to mine blockchain data blocks. The mined blocks would then be compressed and added to a distributed ledger by the same device.

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In the second patent, the company plans to develop an algorithm for maintaining a distributed ledger. According of the patent, a single device would be built to access distributed ledger. However, it is preinstalled with a system for maintaining it.

Past patent applications regarding blockchain the company filed were in November 2017. This patent sought to secure a “Sony Technology” that would deploy blockchain in education. The blockchain would be used to store information such as education history, certificates, and other vital user data.

Another patent application of the corporation sought to hold the patent rights for a user login system for blockchain systems.

Owning Technologies in the Blockchain Ecosystem

Although most of the blockchain technologies are open source and free, corporations are now developing sophisticated paid technology based on the blockchain architecture. This is possible given the unlimited application of blockchain.

Some of the latest major blockchain patent application include that of Walmart which sought to secure a blockchain tech for managing smart appliances. The same company also holds a smart packaging system patent and a bitcoin powered electrical grid system.

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