Slovenia wants to be EU’s destination for Blockchain technology

The Slovenia government declares that it aims to position the country as the leading destination of Blockchain Technology in the European Union (EU). The government is also studying the potential applications of the technology in public administration.

In mid-October 2017 at the Digital Slovenia 2020 event, Miro Cerar, Prime Minister states that the country’s regulatory agencies and ministries are already studying the technology and its potential applications.

“The regulatory bodies and ministries are already studying Blockchain, and the state is participating in activities at European level. Therefore, in the area of the introduction and regulation of this technology. We are also already laying the foundations for the initial pilot testing of the technology in the state administration”.

Other Blockchain developments in Slovenia

On October 3, the Government Slovenian government declared the Blockchain Think Tank as part of the Slovenian Digital Coalition.

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The think tank serves as a point of contact Blockchain developers, industry players and the government. Hence, it also coordinates the creation of various educational materials on Blockchain. Hence, it assist in the drafting of new regulations around the technology.

At the event, Cerar`t claims that the government is enhancing its full support technology.

“Slovenia as a whole is, therefore, setting itself up as a Blockchain-friendly destination, and to that end it is establishing the pillars of a national Blockchain ecosystem in the area of the transfer and spread of information, the adoption of legal regulations and the promotion of a supportive environment for the development of companies working in the area of Blockchain technology”.

In the meantime, the Slovenian Financial Stability Board has warned to Slovenians advising them to practice caution. However, when investing in ICOs and digital currencies due to the absence of regulations covering them.

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