Slant’s GDPR Compliant Privacy Solution Will Now Be Blockchain LifeSaver 

Slant platform introduces the GDPR Compliant Privacy Solution for the user details stored on blockchain. This project will ensure to secure the authenticity and privacy of client's data.

Back in January last year, Slant initiated operations to build up a system that will privatize data computations along with marketplaces within a distributed environment. Moreover, the entire technology team of entrepreneurs has been working on this project including:

  • Michael Breidenbrucker
  • Marcel Vaschauner
  • Angelo Laub
  • Fabian Frank
  • Tassia Breidenbrucker

Michael Breidenbrucker is the popular personality along with being a founder at Lastfm, RjDj. He has partnered with Speedinvestas, a venture firm as well as Slant. Moreover, he holds a specialization of working with honored artists like Imogen Heap, Hans Zimmer, Booka Shade.

Additionally, he has also contributed in creating an App- Inception back in 2011 with the help of Christopher Nolan who is a multiple award-winning film director. The source claims this App to rank for the fifth position in terms of the US App store chart.

The Press Release

Let’s get in detail about Slant. The press release states that recently Slant introduced a GDPR compliant privacy solution regarding decentralized applications which also entitles as dAppson working on the EOS blockchain.

Meanwhile, this new tech will let business and companies to privatize and control their data processed and stored on decentralized systems. Moreover, the platform Slant creates dApps using a simple API where users can easily store private data. Also, they have to control to accept and decline request regarding access to the stored details on the blockchain.

Data Privacy And Compliance

Few times before, the majority of firms had the control to manipulate the user data. Insurance companies are one amongst the companies that previously holds the ability to use such details for their benefits. This sector using extensive data mining can fire up the information to identify a person to be a risky driver or is at an unusual health risk.

Considering the 21st century, the information had a great value and importance which was used once to sell for making money or product | services. However, such significant data was accessed without the authority or permission of any owner. Also, the person was not provided with any monetary benefit on behalf of using their data, even if they were aware of the data misuse can be faced if in the wrong hand.

The solution is here! A data privacy solution that now Slant fills in the loophole to access dApps on the blockchain. Thence, every user has the ability to control the usage of their personal details and information which indeed helps to develop “Siren Servers” like Google.

Meanwhile, this tech is attracting more clients and in turn letting them to adopt decentralized technology. Hence, providing them an option to monetize their stored data.

Benefits of Slant System

The release mentions a few benefits of a system that Slant presents:

  • Owners hold complete right to sell own details and data to advertiser or firms
  • They can allow or decline the request if anyone wants to access data on the decentralized platform
  • The owners now can monetize their information to retrieve profits
  • Lastly, this let user issue smart contracts releasing encrypted information

Interestingly, no one will be able to hack or access the clients’ data without their respective permission due to the data privacy system of Slant store the data within multiple nodes. Moreover, this innovation has kicked out the intermediate person, offering complete transparency and data handling.

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