Singapore shopping mall puts Bitcoin mining equipment on its shelf

Bitcoin mining equipment is now available to buy from Singapore shopping Mall. It is an exciting development as more retail computer hardware shops are entering this booming market. The hardware is pre-assemble at the mall for sale.

According to region’s report, around five computer stores are now selling cryptocurrency mining rigs in the Singapore’s Sim Lim Square where the mall is based. The stores usually attract tourists from around Asia due to their cheap electronics, shopping bargains, and many computer spare parts and service shops.

Local retail shops are responding to demand Singaporeans who want more cryptocurrency hardware than any other knockoff mobile phone or electronic gadgets. Bitcoin mining equipment needs specialized ASIC equipment. At present, only one major manufacturer is selling this equipment to consumers.

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The shop owner, Wilson Josup sells around ten rigs each week. This had increased from just one or two units sold per week when he first started selling about six months ago. He said running a S$4,000 single rig non-stop can earn about S$400 a month. This is according to testimonies from his customers.

He told South China Morning Post,

“Most of my customers would ask me to help transfer the rigs from their homes to a data center. Since they don’t like the heat and noise”.

His customers range from those aged between the 20s to retirees.

Singapore serves as a global regulatory financial and logistics hub for many companies in Asia. However it happens after China’s government started to crack down on Bitcoin activities. Since then more of the Chinese businesses officially migrated to the island nation including miners and bitcoin exchanges.

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