Seoul government deals with Samsung SDA for Blockchain project

The south Korea’s capital, Seoul government chooses Samsung SDS for Blockchain project. Since, it is to apply blockchain technology for whole administration to improve citizen convenience and transparency.

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Samsung SDS  has won the deal with the Seoul Government aiming to help its “information strategy” plan. Thus, making use of Blockchain to support administration. Likewise, public safety, welfare and transportation affairs by 2022.

Hong Won-pyo, CEO of Samsung SDS said:

“Samsung SDS’ blockchain technology and consulting capabilities will contribute to Seoul’s leap as a top-rate global city. Samsung SDS intends to contribute to the city becoming a world-class city by strengthening the transparency, fairness and civic convenience through its own blockchain technology and consulting capability”.

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Ultimately, the main intention is to expand administrative transparency and civic convenience with blockchain technology. Thus, by 2021 to power up the city’s entire municipal administration.

Moreover, this approach of project is marked has the first in introducing Blockchain technology. Initially, the first primary company in Korea. The contract Samsung SDS is to access the environment and path towards spreading blockchain technology. Further, it designs and proposes upcoming plans to implement them widely Seoul government.

Furthermore, Seoul’s city initiates an endorsement of Blockchain technology and the lost leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. And also implying the won path to be the world’s first blockchain city in Dubai.

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