SEC Investor Conference Is Conducting Session on Bitcoin and ICOs

The SEC investor conference to be held in Atlanta on June 13th, 2018 at Georgia State University. It is the town hall conference conducted by US Securities and Exchange Commission, where issues regarding illegal activities, mutual funds, fintech and crypto regulations are discussed.

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The SEC investors Conference

The SEC conference will be a town hall following break-out events in which attendees can interact with SEC’s members. On note, the informal discussion focuses on key security approaches including regulatory, cryptocurrencies, fintech, mutual funds and illegal activities preventions.

The Official SEC website marked that;

“Meet the people who help make Wall Street work for Main Street. All five SEC Commissioners are coming to Atlanta to meet with you: young people, the military, urban as well as rural, those saving for retirement, and seniors—the diverse, the dynamic people of the southeast region”.

ICO Tokens and Not Bitcoin

On April 5th, SEC CEO Jay Clayton, had given a speech at Princeton University regarding ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Clayton believes that, several ICOs and crypto assets so far held or being held can be categorized as securities. He was questioned whether ICOs generate fraudulent instances, he said “absolutely not”. He believes that the regulations issued by SEC have a positive impact on crypto space. Moreover, the SEC regulations would assist in preventing bad actors and enabling authentic projects to thrive.

SEC CEO Jay Clayton
US Securities and Exchange Commission CEO Jay Clayton.

Further, Clayton adds saying that SEC was looking forward on ICO tokens, not Bitcoin. In the meantime, the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin that, “extremely comfortable” that Ethereum is not a qualified security asset.

However, many crypto community members were stating that SEC is perceiving cryptocurrencies as securities. It means that tokens concerning underlying asset will be treating as securities as opposed to being utility tokens.

Initially, the SEC Investor Conference is focusing classifications on crypto tokens and ICO investment process. Therefore, the session on Bitcoin and ICOs may simplify the government authorities on crypto communities and legal matters.

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