Techy Santa Reckons On AI, Blockchain And Cyber Security

Tech Savvy Santa wishes to use AI, Blockchain and Cyber Security aiming to deliver a more efficient Christmas.

To ensure Lapland’s workshop works as efficiently as possible, this Techy Santa capitalizes Blockchain, AI and Cyber Security with the following industry evaluations:

  • According to Gartner, the AI industry revenues are expected to reach $1.2 trillion in 2019.
  • Also the Grand View Research expects the Blockchain Industry to reach $7.59 billion in 2014.  
  • As per the Allied Market Research, the cyber security industry may reach $198 billion by 2022.

AI Helps To Choose Gifts And Calculate Its Demand

AI and Machine learning assist the little helpers of Santa to collect data generated from Social Media, Game Forums and other networks. Using the machine learning application, Santa’s helpers can forecast the demand for gifts and also aid the manufacturing and distribution process.

The upcoming stage involves combining this with Natural language Understanding(NLU) from conversations between children and their teachers, parents and guardians. This conversation brings out the results that the child promises to be a good boy/girl, though which Santa brings him/her a gift from the child’s wish-list.

Blockchain Technology Ensures If The Child Is Deserving

The result of the data collection, analysis and conversation creates a smart contract between child and Santa. This helps in verifying whether the child will receive the desired Christmas gift. This contract also prevents Krampus from changing a child’s wish-list, promises and also Santa’s promise to deliver the gift with his reindeer.

Cyber Security Secures Children’s Data And Promises

Cyber Security ensures if the child’s data is safe and secure in Santa’s Lapland workshop. Also checks if it accessible to only those who are authorized with Santa’s little helpers. Hence sees if the data radiates between the workshop’s central computer, the electronic notepads used by and his little helpers, as well as the GPS devices used by reindeers and Santa’s personal log.

This application of AI, Blockchain and Cyber Security elates Santa’s efficiency to a greater height. Hence resulting in more improvised services to children around the world and their parent/guardians. Finally resulting in a joyful Christmas to everyone.

Santa using technology to deliver gifts, sounds interesting! Isn’t it? What do you feel about this new technology advancement? Share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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