Samsung Next’ Stack Zero Grants Now Support These Blockchain Projects

Samsung Next is said to support and back almost nine projects using DLT aka decentralized ledger technology or you can say blockchain.

The company offers each startup a “Stack Zero Grant”, via a non-equity program helping early-stage teams to establish their decentralized technologies. However, the tech is responsible to offer the expertise, funding, along with the access to the network of Samsung Next.

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The Stack Zero Grant grab its importance by the interest of a company that supports different researchers and volunteers who intend to build the infrastructure for the coming future.

Considering an application stage, Samsung Next retrieved various proposals above 100 teams. Moreover, the selective team affirms a wide range of projects, right from low-level libraries till the privacy tools to decentralized social networks.

The only thing in common is they all use decentralizing tech which will help empower individuals along with their communities.

The familiar projects are:

1.The project Mapeo which is led by Digital Democracy, along with PeerMaps.  Those two teams offering tools for the purpose of decentralized distribution, editing, and syncing of mapping data.

2. Next counts Mastodon! It is basically a federated social network, similar to a decentralized Twitter. This project lets anyone run their server; also it is led by Eugen Rochko. The team claims this project to be the first decentralized social network which really takes off at scale.

3. Samsung Next mentions backing ActivityPub/Spritely which has Christopher Lemmer Webber as its co-editor as well as co-author of the ActivityPub protocol. This project offers a great framework to build, update, and delete content over apps. However, it doesn’t offer any standardized mechanism regarding safe authorization.

4. Dat Project claims to be an umbrella for a number of library series. Which let P2P communication including Hypercore along with HyperDrive.

5. The team at ZoKrates is establishing a toolbox which will allow the creation of zkSNARKs. This is basically a family of zero-knowledge proofs in a standard way over blockchain and beyond.

6. toKatzenpost is the final grant which intends to write libraries and conduct research for mix networks. Moreover, the team is developing tools to secure passive eavesdropping which can detect the communication between two people at the same time also offers reliable out-of-order delivery.

Also, Samsung Next is backing up two teams with positive grants:

She256 movement dedicates to the enhancement of diversity and intends to break down barriers making its entry within the blockchain space.

On the other hand, Simply Secure backs up practitioners putting members at the center of trusting technology by offering workshops for user experience researchers, designers, and developers.

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