Russian billionaires are all set to invest in digital currency

Through, Blackmoon Crypto, the European fund, Russian billionaires Roman Abramovich, Aleksandr Frolov and Aleksandr Abramov setting an eye on prominent cryptocurrency bitcoin.


The European fund is the tokenization platform for real world and crypto investments. Thus, a subsidiary of Blockmoon Financial aims to establish and sustain the framework for tokenized funds globally.

According to the Bell reports, another Russian Billionaires Roman Trotsenko is pointing to declare a crypto exchange platform as well as managing the ICOs. Trotsenko claims that he wants to fulfill the requirements of investors.

He said,

“We had an interest in investing only in Bitcoin and we’re developing the infrastructure; we’re not going to move passengers, but rather serve them on the ground”.

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Russian will never legalize virtual currencies

Already, Trotsenko’s proposal has faced the uncertain future even before the launch. Since government of Russia has a confusing position on managing the virtual currencies.

However, recently, Nikolay Nikiforov, Communications Minister is claiming that the government will never legalize the cryptocurrencies.

With the regards, Trotsenko is eagerly waiting for further developments before launching his already fully functional platform. Therefore, he claims that he already raised the issues of regulating and legalizing the cryptocurrency with Vladimir Putin, Russian President.

Moreover, Putin considering the regulations of ICO, mining, and legalization and further the crypto laws is scheduling for January 2018.

Currently, Russia is working its own e-currency, CryptoRuble which is only be recognized by Russian market. Therefore, in 2016 ICOs revenues of Russia is more than $300millon.

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