RUNE Leads Gains With 20%, BAND & VET Join the Bull Rally

A 24-hour poll conducted on twitter by renowned crypto exchange, Binance allowed community members to decide what phase of the market we are in. According to the ongoing poll, majorities voted that the alt season is still very much alive and that many altcoins are still coming to the limelight.

In today’s list of top gainers, we see RUNE, for the first time, leading on with 20% gains in the 24 hours timeframe as BAND, VET nurture similar sentiments.

#1. ThorChain (RUNE 20% Gain):

Rune makes the top position with an impressive 20% gain within the last day.

The top gainer has a decent market sentiment as almost 100% of traders are going long on RUNE.

In the one year timeline, RUNE gained 4,817% and has gained throughout other timeframes. In the last month, the coin recorded 32.2% gain and counting till date.

RUNE/USD seems to have begun a little price retracement. In the short bearish move, prices may likely fall to $0.55 where the major support level exists. Below the level, strong support exists at the $0.50 area.

Technical Indicators

  • Next level of major support at $0.55
  • Next resistance level at $0.6
  • RSI is returning from the overbought condition at 70.0

RUNE is currently changing hands at $0.61 as its market capitalization hovers around $112 million.

#2. Band Protocol (BAND 17.35% Gain):

the first runner up gainer today is BAND, having gained roughly 18% in the 24 hours time frame.

With 86% market positiveness, BAND gets wide bullish signals and may skyrocket as a result.

BAND is less than a year old but has gained impressively in all remaining timeframes. Within last month, the coin is up 400% and roughly 40% in the last week.

BAND has broken the major resistance at the $5.0 level and has set additional support at $5.2. In the event that a price dip occurs, the next level of minor support lies at $5.2. Although an upside movement is most likely from here, additional resistance lies up the chart at $5.4.

Technical Indicators

  • Next major resistance at $5.2
  • Next major support level at $5.0
  • Resistance Strength Index breaks 70.0 overbought condition
  • Bullish ride trends on top of Bollinger indicator.

BAND is currently trading at $5.35 and its markets are valued at $111 million. 

#3. VeChain (VET 11% Gain):

VET comes third on this list. Appearing on our list for the second time in seven days, the top crypto gained 11% on the last day. 

VET remains bullish with 92% market positively responding. However, there is little possibility of a bearish trend in the short term. 

In the one-year timeframe, VET is up around 250% and also up 30% in the last 30 days. 

VET remains positive in all timelines. The price is respecting rising support which may escort it up to $0.02 level. Moving up the chart, the immediate level of major resistance lies at $0.022 while a fall will not do much damage to accrued profits. 

Technical Indicators

  • Next major support at $0.02
  • Next major resistance at $0.22
  • RSI falling off the 60.0 level
  • Prices bounced off the midline of the Bollinger indicator, indicating a potential price plunge.

VET is currently changing hands at $0.018 amid a market capitalization of $1.2 billion.

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