Decentralized RPG Ethercraft launches on Ethereum

Etherecraft, an RPG multiplayer game includes a gaming marketplace. It has launched on Ethereum according to an announcement by developers on January 14.

Decentralized RPG running on Ethereum

The game rolled out with giving out 60 unique items to players, many of them free of charge. These items are redeemable through the MetaMask client which is already live.  In addition to the marketplace, it will include a video game where character players can arm for plunder and slaying of enemies. Another aspect of the game is crafting, where players can combine items according to a recipe to create complex items or break complex items into smaller materials.

If a character dies on a looting mission, they lose what they equipped their character with.

A user installs the MetaMask client on the browser, funds the account address with the gwei currency. Doing so, he heads to the official website to collect free items or purchase new ones for the game. Every purchase item is mining as a token and passes onto the owner’s wallet address. The items can be moving from one wallet address to another immediately. In other words, users can trade the items.       

With the game market being a $100 billion industry, this is just one of the many blockchain-based games with their own tokens and complete marketplaces.

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