Stateless Rohingya citizens to get blockchain based digital IDs

1000 citizens of Rohingya who fled Myanmar will next year get digital IDs on blockchain in a pilot project. Thus to help them receive banking and education services.

The Rohingya Project will enable them to become members of the diaspora in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

“They are disenfranchised,” Kyri Andreou, co-founder of the  Project, which is organizing the initiative. Said at its launch in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

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A test will be to verify that they are genuine Rohingya before giving the digital IDs.

They are among the 650,000 Rohingya Muslims – who are denied citizenship in Buddhist-majority Myanmar denied citizenship in Myanmar and who fled to Bangladesh since August following attacks by insurgents and response by Myanmar’s army and Buddhist vigilantes.

There are about 4 million Rohingya around the world according to the project. U.N. refugee in November said Rohingya are the biggest minority among estimating 10 million people around the world who are stateless.

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