Roger Ver to Donate $250K USD to the Reddit Charity

The news comes following as a response to Reddit’s removal of title, “Censorship on r/Bitcoin”, and named as off topic. The bitcoin startup investor, Roger Ver said he would donate $250k USD to the Reddit Charity if they allow discussing on r/Bitcoin.

Censorship on r/Bitcoin as Off-Topic

The bitcoin startup investor, Roger Ver has official tweet out saying that he would “donate $250K USD to the Reddit Charity” if moderates unlock and allow for Bitcoin discussion in r/Bitcoin.

Roger Ver

However, this news comes as a response to Reddit’s recent removal of a post: ‘Censorship on r/Bitcoin’, by naming it an off-topic. Since only bitcoin-related matters are suggested to be discussed on r/Bitcoin.

Particularly, StopAndDecryt commented:

“Off-topic meta-discussion that incites or baits further off-topic discussion (intentionally or unintentionally) is off-topic”.

Moreover, Roger Ver does not agree with the decision and thus he had stated `that,

“/r/Bitcoin is completely censores and has been for nearly 3 years now”.

Infact, it seems to be that /r/Bitcoin mods was imposing a ban on users on a daily routine. It’s ought to be that users publish a post or make a comment which is not acceptable by the mods’ opinions. Since, if the topic is mainly focusing on other cryptocurrencies.  However, such users are ban for temporally or sometimes permanently.

Recently, the month of March, the Reddit community’s moderators has announced the updated policy by making r/cryptocurrency forum as a central role in creating new subreddit called r/cryptocurrencymemes. It is in use for the memes and shilling sort of content.

The few popular crypto subreddits on the Reddit Forum are; r/bitcoin, r/cryptocurrency, r/bitcoinmarkets, r/darknetmarket, r/ethereum, r/btc.

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